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  • We agree with the philosopher Francis Bacon’s view, yet this power depends not only on knowledge itself, but also on the depth and breadth with which it is spread.
    The world of AllSpark prioritizes the production of high-quality content by providing real incentives for creators, which in turn will attract more communicators to spread content and realize their own tangible benefits.
  • AllSpark is an open content-trading platform with cross-chain capabilities. Our goal isn’t to create a forum ecosystem, but rather to construct an entirely open content ecosystem wherein the AllSpark Token forms a value consensus for all contents created across all platforms. Various social media, vertical communities, and e-commerce can all access the AllSpark network

    through AllSpark’s open interface to obtain content and introduce content in a closed loop, increasing profitability for each respective platform.AllSpark isn’t just a content acquisition network; it is a cross-border content-based payment channel and a source of international user traffic.

A restaurant brand located in the Caribbean needs to promote itself, so it posts a task on AllSpark prompting writers and photographers to create promotional material that it can distribute.

Alice, a travel blogger, sees the task and writes a brief promotional article, which includes a link that redirects to the restaurant’s booking webpage. Through AllSpark, Alice and the restaurant enter into a smart contract, which is recorded on the blockchain and thus ensures payment to Alice if and there is a successful conversion. Visit https://coincierge.de/bitcoin-kaufen/ to know how you can buy bitcoin by paying through Paypal.

Alice then shares the article on social media. When any reader decides to book the restaurant through her shared link, Alice will receive her split as determined by the terms laid out in the smart contract.

Taking it a step further, imagine Alice wanted to add the background music created by Bob to her text, she could purchase Bob’s copyright through AllSpark with the payment term being distributed income from advertisement revenue. Then, some part of the prepaid expenses of the restaurant would be transferred to Bob’s account for each successful conversion the article creates.

Now imagine that Carol read Alice’s article and shared it on her social media. Then, if somebody read the text and booked the restaurant, Carol can also obtain the distributed income based on the smart contract. At the same time, a certain amount of money will be transferred to the accounts of Alice. That is to say, the smart contract will help the promotion material to realize multi-level promotion and income distribution.

In this case, the brand operator, Alice, Bob, and distributors like Carol have established a fair and effective closed cycle to realize payment.