Name: AllSpark TokenSymbol: ASK

Supply: 300,000,000 ASK=100,000ETH3000 ASK=1ETH


40% for Pre-sale and public offering 120,000,000 ASK=40,000 ETH

20% For project team 60,000,000 ASK

5% For AllSpark nodes motivation 15,000,000 ASK

15% For community management 45,000,000 ASK

20% Foundation and AllSpark ecosystem building 60,000,000 ASK

Detailed Release Plan:

Total Offering: 120,000,000 ASK=40,000ETH.

Soft Cap=28,000ETH

Pre-sale:Public Offering=2:3

Pre-sale: 48,000,000 ASK (16,000 ETH)

Pre-sale, 20% discount, 1ETH=3750 ASK. (Minimum 50 ETH, Maximum 2000 ETH)

Time: 2018.4.23--2018.7.15

Note: Accept ETH

Pre-sale is only for Private Investors and Eco partners

For Pre-Sale detailed process, please contact [email protected]

Public Offering: 72,000,000 ASK (24,000 ETH) equivalent WAN ONLY

For Public Offering 24,000 ETH equivalent WAN, we will use Wanchain smart contract to sell via WAN.

Time: 2018.7.23-8.15

Before the public offering, we will announce the Conversion ratio base on the market price of WAN and ETH.

Public offering will continue three weeks. Week 1 for 10% discount, week 2 for 5% discount, week 3 for original price.

Use of funds raised

Use for all funds raised and foundation hold ASK.

40% for AllSpark blockchain and products development.

30% for Marketing.

10% for business cooperation, external partners development and other cooperation matters.

10% for Team building.

10% for Foundation operating costs,mainly use for office space, legal affairs, finance, etc.

After ICO, the ASK lock-in period for the team incentives is 12 months, followed by a linear monthly release in the next 36 months.

Node incentives are used to reward the accounting nodes in the network.

Community incentives are used to motivate active users of AllSpark Ecology to provide content, communications, and more. In order to ensure the long-term incentive mechanism and gradually release this part of the ASK with ecological development, the ASK of this part will be gradually released within 10 years, in accordance with the principle of encouraging the ecological development at the initial stage, and reducing incentives with ecological maturity.

Year 1 22,521,960.00000000 ASK
Year 2 11,260,980.00000000 ASK
Year 3 5,630,490.00000000 ASK
Year 4 2,815,245.00000000 ASK
Year 5 1,407,622.50000000 ASK
Year 6 703,811.25000000 ASK
Year 7 351,905.62500000 ASK
Year 8 175,952.81250000 ASK
Year 9 87,976.40625000 ASK
Year 10 44,056.40625000 ASK

Note: ASK is NOT for China, United States, Singapore, nationality and permanent residents sales.